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Learn what successful authors know that you don’t know. This newsletter is for potential, writers, new writers, or vintage non-fiction authors but there are many strategies and tips that will transfer over to fiction writing and children’s book publishing.

With over 48 years (yes she started young) and working in almost all aspects of the book industry, Liz Lawless is a master of her craft. From working in her family’s brick and mortar bookstore, submitting a children’s manuscript to traditional publishers and receiving 47 rejections, self-publishing, writing 11 books, signing a contract with a traditional publisher, speaking and selling to bookstores, libraries, schools, military, corporations, non-profits, churches, and specialty stores, creating one of the first author shops on Amazon as well as first bookstores with over 3,000 items, being a 2 x #1 Amazon Best-Selling author and creator of 107 Straight #1 Amazon Best-Sellers for clients since 2013 in diverse non-fiction, children’s and fiction genres, along with developing ebooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, audiobooks, magazines, and podcasts, she can answer almost any question you have about book publishing. She also operated a successful creative services firm providing advertising, marketing, media, event, and project management services to arts, education, and economic development clients in Dallas, Texas, USA for 25 years.

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