Sorry To Be A Stranger


Hi Friends … sorry I have been hit and miss. Life happens as you know. As soon as I get through this unexpected move in August, I will be back to consistently posting in September. This would be a great time to review past articles and to …

Still looking for a few Founding Members. This is All Access for Life for just $1,997 that means weekly office hours with me, monthly group mastermind, special VIP deals on other programs, celebrations and more as well as all your questions answered. We will stay with this until you successfully create and achieve your dream author career or even better a Publishing Biz (that helps other writers become best-selling authors) whether that is 1, 2, or 3 years; depending on if you can commit part-time or full-time to the journey.

And remember – publishing is not just about books anymore although it is a core foundation … you also have things like: eNewsletter (that you are reading now), podcasts, channels or live streaming, social media groups, and much more. All of this is up for discussion and a path I have traveled before so let me help you avoid the pitfalls and leap ahead in terms of time. Can’t wait to see what you will create.

Cheers to your publishing success, Liz