Creative Passions Results Podcast


If you like to listen to podcasts or hear stories from people successfully writing, publishing, achieving best-seller status, and more … check out my Creative Passions Results podcast available on most podcast platforms but you can also listen by clicking on the link below …

Creative Passions Results is a podcast about pursuing your publishing, professional, purpose or performing passion. Please share in the comments if you are pursuing one of these passions.

Interviewees share their backstory, struggles, and celebrations. If they can do it –– so can you and we are here to encourage you. Please like and share if you feel led so other people can find the show.

LIZ LAWLESS is a creative, author, producer, and serial entrepreneur. She has navigated the world of creative business since 1988 and continues to dream, fail, learn and succeed. She hopes you will join her on the journey of either creative entrepreneurship or the author adventure. It is a wild ride but always worth it!