Crazy March (Madness)


Hello Friends … I am writing today to apologize for being missing in action in March. It was even crazier than March 2020 when we first learned of the critical nature of Covid19.

Between 6 deaths (adopted father, 2 family friends to covid, 1 accident, 2 long-time friends my age and 5 of them in a 10 day period), spring break with the great-nieces, a new Amazon Live Opportunity to share Publishing Posse Secrets on a new “Talkin’ Books…Live!” show, my 60th birthday and Easter coming on the same weekend some things fell by the wayside for a short period of time.

I promise to be back sharing about book writing, publishing, launching, marketing, and distribution strategies going forward as I love this platform and the opportunity to share with you whether you are just receiving the free version, paying for a deeper dive, or going all in as a Founding Member.

There are a few spots left for the Founding Members level which is lifetime access not just 1 year and the 50% discount for annual or monthly membership will be going away shortly so if you want to take advantage of the reduced rate now would be the time. Click on this link:

I will be sharing more about our new Talkin’ Books…Live! show in future newsletter posts.

I hope all of you had a Blessed Easter Weekend and that you will continue to stay safe and healthy, be smart to protect yourself and your loved ones by wearing a mask, social distancing, and getting a vaccine, or even staying in until you feel confident things are better.

Creatively, Liz