A Day To Celebrate Father's


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to those who come by the title directly and those who choose to take on the role in various ways.

I was very lucky in that I had a loving relationship with my maternal grandfather we made trips to our favorite hamburger joint (Whataburger), watched wrestling together on Saturday nights, worked in his garden growing hybrid fruit trees, and spent hours in his tool shop where I learned early lessons about creating something from nothing or various parts (he made many of his own tools). My paternal grandfather died when I was young and I only have vague memories. My own father (Coach as many of you knew him,) was my hero and first love. Although we didn’t spend a lot of time together in my early years, I was extremely blessed to spend my later years and his last years together. He died at home with the family another blessing not shared by many.

I was also extremely blessed in that I had multiple father figures in my life. The first due to a core group of lifelong friends (56 years) who shared their fathers with me. Thanks, Lisa (Ernie), Lisa (Bill W), Susan (Gene), Kelly (Bill M), Paula (Bob), and Mike (George) I learned many lessons from these surrogate or adopted fathers. Ernie taught me to dance, Bill W taught me kindness, Gene taught me to water ski, Bill M taught me humor, Bob taught me Rodeo, and George taught me Politics & Business. They all taught so much more than I could write about here and most of all they taught me about love, family, good neighbors, and community.

Growing up and even into my current years, I had and have a number of Church fathers who opened their homes to youth groups for Bible Studies or get-togethers, and who I saw every Sunday for years, and years and years. Their steadfast faith and commitment to God and family were shining examples. Thanks, Roy, Davis, Charles, Buddy, Bob, and later Doc, Bill, Gil, Jim, Elvis, Joe, and Buddy.

As I jumped into entrepreneurship, I also had many Business Mentors and Partners who again acted in fatherly fashions by sharing advice, instruction, business, and friendship. Thanks, Benji, John Sr., Harry, Clif, Charles, Hugh, Nick, Dave, Ed, Russell, J.W., Timmy, Harold, Kevin, Cleo, Coy, Guich, J Stephen, Bodizar, and Gene.

So many fine fathers including those in my family Ed, Doyle, Larry, Jack S, Jack L, Mark, Eric, Chad, TK, Les, Jim, and Wayne. I wish all of you many blessings in heaven and on earth.

So I am happy to celebrate Father’s Day on behalf of all of these Good Men and the many more who are making a difference in small and big ways in the lives of others.

Sincerely, Liz